Sloop and Motorboat rental.

Sail comfortably over the edge lakes to a cozy town, grab a cozy terrace in one of the old fishing villages such as Harderwijk, Elburg, Nijkerk or Spakenbrug. Or sail through the center of Zeewolde. Or take a BBQ and moor on one of the many islands that the Veluwemeer and Wolderwijd is rich. Here you will also find several swimming beaches. If you rent one of our sloops or another motorboat you have the freedom to enjoy the water. We rent all our open boats including a full tank of fuel so you do not have to worry about that.

Boat Rental Oud Huyzer 575

Sloop Oud Huyzer 575 rental. Rent an agile and stable boat with a silent motor, which has excellent sailing characteristics. With these sloops, you sail relaxed over the edge lakes to fishing villages such as Harderwijk, Elburg Nijkerk and Spakenburg. Renting is with us without worries, so including a full tank of fuel and life jackets.


These very comfortable boats that you can rent with us can accommodate 12 people. All of which can sit relaxed on the spacious lounge sofas. A strong 25 hp outboard engine and the bimini make these boats very nice to sail. Sail to one of the islands that is the Veluwemeer or Woldewijd rich. Or visit Harderwijk, Elburg or Spakenburg. A full tank of fuel is included in the rental.

Silveryacht 445

Small but nice is the best description of this boat. Ideal for 2 to 4 people to enjoy the water without worry. Nice seat with back cushions and a quiet 4-stroke outboard engine.

Wato 490

In 2018 we expanded our fleet with 3 of these nice sloops. Equipped with a convertible top and luxurious cushion really a nice boat for up to 5 people. Equipped with a modern clean, electrically starting 2 cyl 4 stroke engine. on Euro lead-free, Rental includes 10 ltr. fuel.

Oud Huyzer 616 Tender

The super luxurious tender sloop from the top brand Oud Huyzer, equipped with exclusive cushions, a spacious deep and therefore safe cockpit with a full convertible top. These sloops are equipped with a quiet, strong and environmentally friendly 4-stroke injection engine that meets the latest requirements.

Luxurious Tender 606

New for 2019 are these luxurious and spacious tenders, equipped with a strong 3-cylinder injection engine and nice pillows! You can comfortably enjoy up to 10 people in this spacious and stable tender.